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Hand & Nail/Cuticle Care

This is one of the subjects most frequently asked about, and honestly the one with the most answers. Different things work for everyone. Obviously moisture is key. Especially in the winter months. How often should you moisturize?...CONTINUE READING



Ah, the tedious job of filing ones nails. I have found that filing with polish on is easier for a few reasons. It makes the shape if the nail easier to see, and it adds a little bit of sturdiness to thin nails. You definitely do not want to...CONTINUE READING



First of all- go to the washroom. Nothing burns my butt more than a beautiful manicure ruined by an impatient bladder. Make sure you have everything you need, so you don't have to go digging around in a drawer for things with wet nails. I used a large craft mat...CONTINUE READING



Another frequently asked question is how do you cleanup mistakes and messy edges. some people are fine with slopping the polish all over the cuticles, and maybe picking it off later, in the shower. In real life, you can sometimes get away with that. But for the purposes of macro pictures...CONTINUE READING


Base & Top Coats

In my experience, a holo nail polish applies much better and with out dragging and leaving bald spots, if you use a matte top coat as a base coat. The polish seems to stick better to it, and the holo pops. Try it!...CONTINUE READING


Removing Glitter Polish

Glitter famously difficult to remove. So much so, that lots of people avoid wearing glitter, like the plague. We are talking, get out the jackhammer, tough to remove. A big pain in the rump.  The perfect fix for that...CONTINUE READING 


Dried Up, Too Thick or Separated Polish

No need to panic. Nail polish thinner is your friend. Even the most dried up crusty looking nail polish can be resurrected with some thinner, and patience. For polish that is just a little goopy or thick...CONTINUE READING 


Acetone vs. Non-Acetone

I have, and use both. For the most part, I use an acetone remover, which is not as harsh as pure acetone, but far more effective than a non-acetone remover. It basically contains both non-acetone remover and some acetone, and sometimes...CONTINUE READING


Foot Care

Not everyone is good at keeping up with regular pedicures, and if you are like me, and go barefoot a lot, or wear flip flops, your feet undoubtedly show the signs of neglect. One of the best and fastest ways to infuse some much needed moisture into dry cracked feet is...CONTINUE READING 


Franken Polish & Frankening

It was my own love of frankening that led me to developing my own line of nail polish*. Frankening is the process of mixing polishes together to create a new and original colour, or adding glitter to an existing polish...CONTINUE READING

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