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  • Green Eyed Elf

Green Eyed Elf {Stamping} by Girly Bits

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    Green Eyed Elf {Stamping Polish} by Girly Bits Cosmetics

    This polish is 5-FREE, vegan, and cruelty free.

    Size: 9mL

    Green Eyed Elf is a holographic green stamping polish.

    It is hand made with the same high quality ingredients that you have come to love and trust from Girly Bits polish. Girly Bits Stamping Polishes are 5 free unless otherwise noted.

    Green Eyed Elf offers excellent pickup on your stamper, and full opaque coverage. Girly Bits stamping polish is not intended as a regular nail polish. You can safely apply it to your nails if you wish, however you will find the formula thicker  and due to heavier pigmentation in stamping polishes some of the darker shades *may* stain the nail if applied directly to the nail as a full coverage lacquer. You can help eliminate potential staining by applying two coats of base coat.  Girly Bits Stamping Polishes also make great nail art polishes due to their excellent coverage. If you prefer a thinner consistency for your for nail art, you can mix a small amount on an art palette with some polish thinner, or clear polish or suspension base (*not quick dry top coat*)

    Caring for your Girly Bits Stamping Polish:

    • Please shake each polish well before use to achieve a more fluid consistency and assure even pigment distribution.
    • Keep the necks of your bottles clean and free of polish build up, by giving them a quick wipe with a paper towel with a little acetone or thinner if necessary. Stamping polishes are a thicker viscosity, and you may find it builds up on the neck a little easier than regular polish. This will ensure an air tight seal, and prolong the shelf life of your polish. If you find it to be too thick, you can add polish thinner a few drops at a time.

    All Girly Bits Stamping polishes are in a 9mL square bottle, so you can easily identify them in your collection.

    Be sure and check out my Stamping Plate, and stampers as well as Border Patrol latex nail art barrier. Girly Bits Glitter Glaze makes an excellent top coat for any nail art, as it won't smudge all your hard work!!

    You will be armed and ready to bust out some awesome designs in no time!

    Upload your work to social media and tag it #GirlyBitsStamps. I'd love to see what you create!


    Happy Stamping!!


    Understanding Non-Toxic Nail Polishes


    All Girly Bits polishes are free of the nastiest chemicals commonly found in many mainstream polishes. Many Girly Bits polishes are 5-free, and all are at least 4-free. At this point, some do contain small amounts of Camphor, but we are moving toward a 100% 5-free (or higher) range of polishes.


    There are four chemicals that are particularly dangerous. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Toluene, which could also be toxic with prolonged exposure according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.


    So when nail polishes are listed as 4-Free this means that they are free of those four yucky chemicals! YAY for healthier nails!


    5-Free nail polishes also do not contain those four ingredients, but in addition, they do NOT contain Camphor either (Camphor can cause your nails to yellow and dry out).


    Here at Girly Bits Cosmetics, we care about the environment and your health, and we will always offer the highest quality and healthiest products we can get our hands on.



    MSDS Available upon request. Your bottle of stamping polish will have the ingredients listed on the bottom label, as per usual.

    Ingredients (5 free):
    Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Isopropyl Alcohol, N-Butyl Alcohol
    Shake well:
    before use
    Do not use in the presence of open flame or spark. For external use only.

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